Striated Yuhina (Yuhina castaniceps)

25 Mar 2021 08:01 - 25 Mar 2021 08:20 #5612 by Paul T
Striated Yuhina (Yuhina castaniceps) was created by Paul T
I took this a couple of weeks ago on a visit to Kaeng Krachan National Park. I have ummed and arhhed with the ID but settled on a Striated Yuhina (Yuhina castaniceps). I saw it twice and the second time it was obviously making an alarm call. I could not figure out why so took a few steps back and lifted the camera to photograph it (750 mm of lens). It quietened and then dived down to the forest floor and disappeared into a hole. I went for a look and got the what for me was a surprise, that they are ground nesters. Admittedly bird knowledge is not my forte but I would have never imagined such a small bird would be a ground nester. One would think it the most unsafe of locations in a tropical forest. I took a grab shot of the nest hole and left it alone.


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25 Mar 2021 21:08 #5614 by BKKBen
Replied by BKKBen on topic Striated Yuhina (Yuhina castaniceps)
Wow, Paul. Definitely looks to be a Striated Yuhina. Not sure what else it could be.

Where about in Kaeng Krachan did you see it? I ask as it's usually associated with elevations above 900m. Additionally, I had no idea it was a ground nesting species - fascinating, and thanks for sharing!

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26 Mar 2021 17:08 - 27 Mar 2021 18:53 #5616 by Paul T
Replied by Paul T on topic Striated Yuhina (Yuhina castaniceps)
It was at 900 m elevation Ben - I had a few days at Panoenthung on my project.

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