Golden jackal

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In Surin province, only about 10km from the Cambodian border there is a temple called Wat Khao Sala.  I am not normally a temple sort of person but this place looked interesting because it was up a steep hill on a windy road through the forest.  There is a long tunnel you can walk for the first section.


1.5km further along the road is the viewpoint


At the viewpoint are a few dogs, and that is definitely a golden jackal, right?  It was as tame as your average dog.  I almost didn't notice.



The temple seems to put a lot of food down for all sorts of different animals, so I guess it must have found an easy food source and hung around.  Also saw this squirrel with a white ring around the tail, not seen one like that before, seems to be Callosciurus finlaysonii annellatus 



I wonder if the jackal could mate with the domesticated dogs to make hybrids?

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Two great spots! I will call in to see the squirrel if I am in that area anytime.

With the jackals, unfortunately some people try and raise them as pets and then either when the animal becomes not what they expected or someone does them in to the authorities they are given to temples or the DNP. There used to be a famous/infamous pair of siblings that were resettled in HKK at one of the interior ranger stations that could be photographed but they disappeared (probably eaten because they did not have the requisite life skills).

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