Slow Loris

01 Jul 2024 17:01 #7022 by wvwv
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Never had any luck seeing one of these.  My friend found one crossing the road in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, I think it was Hat Khanom - Mu Koh Thale Tai NP where he found it.

A few weeks back I found a dead one on the road on Koh Yo which is a small island in Songkhla Lake.  I found it near Long Stay Resort if anybody wants to Google Map.  I thought there wasn't enough forest around there for slow loris to exist, the patch where he was is about 1-2km squared?  Also I found him right next to some bins.  Didn't look like he had been hit by a car, no obvious injuries.  Looks quite old?  Is it possible he died naturally and somebody has found him and put him next to the bins for somebody else to deal with?  Or possibly a pet?  I know these are sometimes used for making money by selling photos with tourists. 




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10 Jul 2024 21:28 #7025 by onflipflops
Replied by onflipflops on topic Slow Loris
Hard to say if wild or a pet.
It is not uncommon to see slow loris near urban areas as long as there is some vegetation left. They definitely don't need high quality forest to survive. 
I have seen many in agricultural areas which have small strips of 'wild' vegetation/trees in the vicinity.
I had one in my backyard in an 11 rai patch of shrub forest surrounded by agricultural land.

They are not rare, but you will have to get out at night to find them.

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