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Without a doubt the place to start for general Thailand bugs is Thaibugs at Farangs Gone Wild - the site really has amassed a great collection and it is growing all the time.

Additionally the other great site has just undergone a redesign and is very easy to navigate now - some fantastic detailed information down to species level, when you have your ID


Farangs Gone Wild Farangs Gone Wild
Thai Bugs
Siam Insect Zoo
SIS Facebook page - Insects and Arachnids of Thailand

Dragonflies and Damselflies

Asia Dragonfly
Thai Odonata
Dragonflies of Samui


Butterflies of Samui
Butterflies of Indo-China

if you have another link specific to Thailand or South East Asian species pls feel free to add it

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A few further online resources where there are forums available to have your insects identified:

Longhorn Beetles (Cerambycoidea) - . ID forum available. Franceso is always very helpful.
Praying Mantids - . ID forum available.

Stick/Leaf Insects (Phasmids) - URL BROKEN. ID forum available.
Flies (Diptera) - ID forum available.
Spiders and Scorpions (Arachnids) and Centipedes/Milipedes (Myriapods) - ID forums available. Site is more for Tarantula hobbyists, but they can sometimes help.

I also have contacts for Tiger Beetles and Tesseratomidae (Hemiptera), but they are only contactable by email. They are busy professionals in their fields so I try to limit my id requests to twice a year. I would always be happy to add any photo to my list for my occasional mails to them.

Does anyone have contacts for Flatidae, Orthoptera and Hymenoptera?

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24 Aug 2013 12:40 - 05 Jun 2015 14:30 #1281 by WT admin
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Nice site for Leafhoppers

Familia: Cicadellidae
Subfamilia: Cicadellinae
Tribe: Cicadellini


Jumping Spiders Portal
Common Spiders of Singapore


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01 Jun 2014 12:10 - 07 Jun 2015 09:58 #2024 by Paul T
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Great Phasmatodea site

and the Fly ID gallery of diperta at

Great page to quickly associate with a coleoptera family

and this - I cannot describe it ;+) you just have to try it to be amazed by it

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