Weird Clearwing Moth

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This was a bit of a surprise to me. I am still puzzled by it. When I photographed it I was sure it was a hairy legged bee (Dasypoda) and I was quite excited. Forest bees fascinate me - largely because I have a developed a severe reaction to bee stings in the last few years that sees me carrying steroids whenever I am in the forest. I suppose I like to tempt my fate with my new found nemesis.

BUT on seeing it on the big screen I realized it was not a bee but a moth, and I immediately presumed a sesiidae BUT I am not sure of that either. The hairy appendages on its side (under the wings) are legs!! It really is bizarre. It flew so fast (shutter speed is 1/1000 and the wings, which are clear, are still blurred) that I am wondering if it is of the family Sphingidae? Largely because it has some of the characteristics of the so called clear winged humming bird moths. Intriguing.


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19 Jun 2013 06:21 #1109 by Painted Jezebel
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Definitely a Sesiidae species. The hairy legs are common in this family. However, regarding id, I can not help. None of my Sesiidae photos have yet been id'd, unfortunately, and there is no publication on this family for the region that I know of, and I have no 'expert' contact. If anyone knows someone who specialises in this family, I would realy like to know!
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19 Jun 2013 06:36 - 19 Jun 2013 08:04 #1110 by WT admin
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Cheers Les, the confirmation of sesiidae is great. Many thanks.

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