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Wild Cirrhopetalum lepidum orchids

27 Dec 2009 07:17 - 17 May 2013 13:03 #745 by Anonymous
Wild Cirrhopetalum lepidum orchids was created by Anonymous

thai orchidsFor those willing to make the journey (a 12 km hike) to Lanhindard in Pang Sida National Park (see route to the crocodile release area here), the wild Cirrhopetalum lepidum orchids are now in bloom (November 2009).{kunena_discuss:734}

Lanhindard has an area that is strewn with various wild orchids but it is not possible to tell what species until they bloom. This is the first I have seen in bloom in the area, and as you can see its quite different from your commonly cultivated Thai orchids. To locate the site head for the siamese crocodile release area and you will find the orchids on the trail in the last 100 meters before the release pen.





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11 Jan 2010 21:09 - 16 Apr 2013 17:15 #131 by
Replied by on topic Cirrhopetalum lepidum Orchid
I visited the same site on the first week of January and now the site is full of wild ground orchids of the species Acampe ochracea.


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