Countryside small mammals

12 Aug 2018 04:41 - 12 Aug 2018 06:58 #5036 by alex galo
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Hi everyone . first day and first question :)

Next november i will come back to thailand at Phichai vilage on Uttaradit province (that on the north at the foot of the montains).Anybody know what wild mammals can i see on contryside? I was there before but didn t take much care because did not make wildlife photography.

Here in europe i can see rabits, foxes , rats , or some weasel in very lucky day but i not have any idea in Thailand , just know than is many snakes , lizard , and birds but no have any idea about wilds mammals . Thank you

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12 Aug 2018 10:30 - 12 Aug 2018 11:15 #5039 by Paul T
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Its an area I don't know but looking at the map Pichai district would be a general farming area? In which case, for mammals, you probably will not see much at all (like all general farming areas in Thailand). Theres is always a chance to see smaller mammals out on the road at night and out lamping but its down to luck.

If you are close to mountains then thats where you should go - mountains and trees usually means small mammals.

I'd recommend asking the locals when you are there, theres a major river so the tributaries might have a little surprise too. The locals will know.

Uttaradit has 3 national parks which you should consider visiting - the range maps show possibilities of more interesting mammals once you are in the parks. For mammals in Thailand you really need to be in a park.

Birds and Herps are not my thing, maybe some of the others will add something as they have good knowledge of those things.

Hope this helps
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14 Aug 2018 23:42 #5046 by onflipflops
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I do not know the area you will be staying. I can only comment about smaller mammals I have seen in agricultural areas in other parts of the country.
This is a short list unfortunately.
Small Asian Mongoose
Small Indian Civet
Burmese Hare
Various squirrel species like Variable Squirrel, Grey-bellied Squirrel, Indochinese Ground Squirrel, and Western (or Cambodian) Striped Squirrel (not sure which of the two would occur in that specific area)
Northern Treeshrew
And then there are mice, rat and shrew species of which I know nothing about.

If enough trees there might be a chance for
Common Palm Civet and Bengal Slow Loris

By all means not sure if all of them occur in your area, but these seem to be quite tolerant to human dominated landscapes. Several are nocturnal so would generally require spotlighting to be seen.

As for the snakes and lizards. Too many options. If you have photographed anything, just post it here and you will get an ID as long as the pictures are clear enough.

Enjoy your stay in Thailand!

But indeed like Paul said, if you wish to see and especially photograph mammals you should go to the larger national parks. There is lots to see, though many species are rare to be seen so many visits will be needed.
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21 Aug 2018 04:29 #5057 by alex galo
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thank you very much i will try to national park guards if they can bring me to place where i can try to make picture and try near the mountains beside home with my nephew who is thai he don t know very much the mountains but can talk with locals , anyway i m looking for by google map areas who could be interesting

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