Tak and Mae Hong Song

25 Nov 2007 07:07 - 17 May 2013 17:39 #740 by Anonymous
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Things have been quiet for a while and the weather has not been playing fair, which is normal for the time of year. September and October have been a washout and monotonous grey skies have been the norm. Not good weather for trying to take photographs. Luckily the weather seems to have broken and winter is here with clear skies and good temperatures once again. If only it lasted longer!{kunena_discuss:729}

I have started the winter shooting season with a couple of 8 pointers - I jest - with a trip to Tak and Mae Hong Song to catch the sights and see the annual Thai "sunflower" blooming near Khun Yuam. It was a bit of a surprise to find out the sunflowers are actually from Mexico and were brought to Thailand by missionaries many years ago.

There is a hell of lot more tourism in the area, especially Mae Hong Song since my last visit about 15 years ago but the area still keeps its charm and uniqueness. The blend of Burmese and Thai, peoples, architecture and customs still make it a journey worth taking. I also took the time to visit a Karen Paduang camp, otherwise known as Long Neck Karens. A more delightful set of people I have yet to meet, thoroughly friendly and outgoing and keen to discuss anything and everything in Thai, although it is not their language. There are 3 Paduang camps in all in Mae Hong Song and I think it is very well worth a visit although you should be aware the villages are quite commercialized in that the ladies have seen the benefits of using their cultural differences to set up small markets - but these are modern times and who can begrudge the viewee taking advantage of the viewer.

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