29 Oct 2014 19:54 #2444 by mistifarang
MEKONG SNAIL-EATING TURTLE was created by mistifarang
Location: Bangkok suburbs


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29 Oct 2014 20:41 #2448 by onflipflops
Replied by onflipflops on topic MEKONG SNAIL-EATING TURTLE
Hi Mistifarang,

The turtle in your image is the Malayan Snail-eating Turtle, Malayemys macrocephala, and not the Mekong Snail-eating Turtle, Malayemys subtrijuga.
The one in your image has 4 vertical nasal stripes and an infraorbital stripe that is relatively wide at the loreal seam.

Did the above make it look like i am an expert on turtles?
Haha, I'm not. I get very confused when I see turtles. But your post got me interested to read a bit more and increase my knowledge.
And with the info I found I think I have to conclude that the species you have photographed is the Malayan Snail-eating Turtle.
I'll add a link to a webpage (high credibility!) that clearly shows the differences. Besides that, the location would suggest the same, though with the local habits to buy and release turtles which is believed to make you live longer, range doesn't always help you. (I always wonder if karma would not shorten the life of the sellers of these turtles... but anyway).

Here the link to an article about the difference between the species.
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15 Nov 2014 18:41 #2503 by mistifarang
Replied by mistifarang on topic MEKONG SNAIL-EATING TURTLE
Thanks a lot flipflops! (some wats don't accept people to set free these animals anymore!)

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