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Malayan softshell turtle

23 May 2016 06:08 - 23 May 2016 06:08 #3766 by Paul T
Malayan softshell turtle was created by Paul T
One from the KM 18 trail - had a hide session by the stream but drew a blank until this Malayan softshell turtle (Dogania subplana) [kindly ID'ed by Herp Guide Parinya on Facebook] decided to pop out of the water for a short while. They must have good eye sight because he/she locked onto to me straight away and was off.


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23 May 2016 16:49 #3770 by onflipflops
Replied by onflipflops on topic Malayan softshell turtle
Great shot!
Many turtle species have good eyesight. Sometimes when hiking along rivers they drop themselves into the water even if I am 50+m away and not even clearly visible.
I have seen this species a couple of times right at the river crossings in kk, in some cases if I had not seen it I might had run over it. Sometimes when this species senses danger it digs itself into the sand under water and becomes virtually invisible.

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28 May 2016 16:46 #3783 by Geoff Potter
Replied by Geoff Potter on topic Malayan softshell turtle
Great picture!

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29 Jul 2016 17:30 #3921 by Robby L
Replied by Robby L on topic Malayan softshell turtle
In the Monument of Bang Rachan Heros close to Singburi there is quite a population of turtles including Asiatic Softshell in the moat surrounding the monument and in lakes, Three photos from there :

I also have photos of 3 other species of turtle from the same place :

Black Turtle

Red Eared Turtle

Yellow-headed Temple Turtle, They are said to grow to about 750mm this one was in a buffalo wallow and the carapace would have been close to a meter long so it would be a full adult.

The 2 smaller ones would likely have been released from captivity.

RIP 2018 - Robby will always be remembered for his sharing of his trips and knowledge. Missed by all.

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