Pang Sida sub-station attacked

04 Feb 2014 20:05 - 04 Feb 2014 20:06 #1666 by Paul T
Pang Sida sub-station attacked was created by Paul T
From the DailyNews: click link to see pictures..........ล้อมหน่วยพิทักษ์ป่าฯ

Google automated translation......

At 7:00 pm on Feb 4, Capt. Aphiwat to happy employees Resort Sop garden. Police . Nong Mak Fai Kaeo has been informed by Mr. Muhammed century style Ta Pha Kaeo chief Pang Sida National Park that has a group of about 50 people and villagers armed with knives and axes. Invaded the base of operations for the Forest Protection Pang Sida National Park at the dam, the cycad T. Kum, Watthana Nakhon destruction of property. equipment and supplies Solar cells produce cookware pot of office . Has been damaged In addition, workers also need to burn one punt inspectors ships seized equipment. And delete images in camera of all officers out to arrest officers with assault injuries.

Get notified after reporting to their superiors informed and then go check out the scene. A group of villagers besieged page states the Forest Protection Unit . Entered into negotiations and invite the investigations into the police station. The officers arrive by Foresters .

Mr Muhammed century testified that the incident was due . According to the group 's officials illegally cut rosewood on entering the park. He put the wood into the reservoir Chae T. Chong Kum, Watthana Nakhon District, Bangkok is not being released until the ambush in the area at 21:00 pm on Feb 3 suspect vessels detected by the cable reported. Revealed themselves for raids But the ship had sped away. Water causes the chase . And criminal groups have opened fire on officers. Interact with each other and the shooting

Then a group of gangsters have brought the cast into the water. And drive the boat up while one group is unknown party on land. Help has come Chased a group of about 10 of the said criminal causes gunfire erupts, villagers living along the Stampede Dam and views . And an early skirmish Crossfire makes villagers were injured.

Preliminary investigation colonels microscopy over Prakon 22 years old Mr.Akaradej over Prakon 26 years old Mr Chan glass aged 23 years, minor injuries , testified that he sat drinking in a restaurant at the dam, all 4 people in between. officers shot gangster past. Make the Crossfire Relatives and villagers What matters is not satisfied , he went to the forest to find out the Blockade Work was responsible for such actions.

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05 Feb 2014 01:01 #1668 by onflipflops
Replied by onflipflops on topic Pang Sida sub-station attacked
Hopefully one of the English newspapers will report this, but from what I understand from the automated translation by google, it doesn't look good.

Are these Siamese Rosewood trees still not extinct from the park? Seems like that's the only way to get an end to this poaching problem...

Again, all we really can blame are those buying this stuff.
How about if the whole world would stop importing Chinese products untill they stop with all this consuming of the world's wildlife and plantlife?
It's probably not fair to blame only the Chinese, but seems like they take up the biggest chunk in this trade so probably the best place to start...

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