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WildlifeThailand - ThailandWildlife? Are they the same entity is a question we have been asked.

The WildlifeThailand.comwebsite is partnered with a similary named project, Both web sites are run separately, although a degree of convergence will happen between the two in the future to involve more Thailand based wildlife photographers share their images for the benefit of conservation in Thailand. The website is part of a personal media based project of two Thailand based conservation oriented photographers, Ian Edwardes and Paul Thompson.

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ThailandWildife also supports (this site) directly by paying all the web hosting, technical administration, licensing and software fees required to establish and keep operational. The reason for this is that Conservation Awareness is, perhaps, the most vital aspect of supporting conservation and whilst their project is a vehicle for them to directly support conservation, is an equally, if not more, important vehicle for promoting conservation awareness.

The site presents a diverse collection of wildife stock photography images showing Thailand and her rich and diverse fauna and flora. These images are available for licensing by media companies. All proceeds from image licenses are used to support a) research b) research and ranger equipment for DNP staff and c) NGOs working on the protection and conservation of Thailand wildlife and forests.

As a Conservation Support project, donates 100% of all income it generates to support and promote wildlife and habitat conservation projects and issues in Thailand. Yes that is correct, 100% of income - not just profits after costs. ThailandWildlife does not have "profits" nor administrative costs nor overheads, only actual printing costs if a print is made.

Media companies can be assured that their remittances are donated fully and that practices full transparency. A truely ethical way to source your media and give to conservation in Thailand. You can see a full listing of how licence fees are used to support wildlife and conservation in Thailand by clicking here. is attemptin to help sustain Thailand's rich but threatened bio-diversity. Why? Because its the right thing to do!

Here are the various ways that the ThailandWildlife.Com project supports conservation in Thailand:

Direct Support through the ThailandWildlife.Com project:

Media & Awareness Materials - one of the main ideas behind ThailandWildlife is to support the Department of National Parks (DNP) and the National Park Visitor Centres through the acquisition of media (photography, video, media files). Kindly supported by the DNP we create base media, primarily of rare cryptic wildlife, for the DNP to use in their publications and awareness materials as a joint copyright holder.

We also support local conservation NGOs working in Thailand with base media files for their conservation literature and awareness materials.

Additionally we create media for direct showing at the National Park Visitors Centres. Currently we produce a poster set annually for display at the respective national parks to allow visitors a glimpse of the cryptic and difficult to see wildlife of the park, thereby increasing conservation awareness.

Research and Ranger Equipment - we directly support equipment purchases for NP Rangers and NP Researchers of the National Parks that we are operating in for our media acquisition activities. This is a very important objective of the project and we fast track equipment purchases to assist in ranger led research activities based on: a) the research is taking place in the National Park we are currently concentrating on for media acquisition b) the equipment is not available through other means due to non-standardization c) purchase of the equipment will directly support conservation of the wildlife of the park

In-direct Support through other entities:

We also provide financial support to local NGOs working in conservation or research activities, officially approved by the Department of National Parks. Such organizations and researchers may apply for funding from ThailandWildlife, as per:

Non profit organizations or researchers  - working in forest or wildlife conservation in Thailand, can request consideration for funding donations if they are able to meet the following criteria: a) Must allow donations to a specific project b) Donations should have a strict limit of the percentage used for administrative overhead c) Project must be in Thailand d) Some form of feedback mechanism for donors (i.e. rudimentary website or project report) e) must run "on the ground" projects and not just be limited to policy and lobbying activities.

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From the moment I learned about this project I liked the concept.
I would love to join in whenever you are interested/ ready to accept additional photographers.

NOTE from ADMIN: That's great - you have some wonderful images flipflops. Its going to be a while till we get it going fully because what initially seemed a simple idea, has some legal implications (re image rights assignment) we need to figure out first.

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