Generals to fight illegal logging

01 Jul 2014 07:41 - 01 Jul 2014 07:47 #2067 by Paul T
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Wow!! This is big................................. enforcement and the importance they have given to the issue, in these transitional times. I am impressed.

Google translation of the order................

Issued an order 64/2557, the agency involved. The suppression of the attackers take possession of forest destruction, etc., as well as conspiracy and support.

The effectiveness in all areas ...

On 14 June the maintenance of public order decree 64/2557 regarding subjugation and relentless encroachment of forest resources to the administration of the Board to keep the peace. To suppress and stop the destruction of forest resources in different areas to be effective. Can reduce the impact will cause damage to the economy, society and environment. Overall national Keeping the peace It ordered the following.

1. The Department of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Royal Thai Police, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Forces, to maintain order The border guard forces of the army. And Navy As well as the agency's mission and authority involved. The suppression of the attackers destroy or take possession of any such act which may degrade the forest. Including conspiracy and support. The effectiveness in all areas. Including the interception of illegal logging or valuable timber species. Import and export of illegal timber. Along the border As well as combating deforestation network movement in all villages and communities across the country.

2. The agency responsible for the control audit lumber. The wood processing plant Lumber trade organization I have to remove the trade or possession of the timber species and artifacts. Appliance or anything else made ​​of timber species. If a release of the omission or willful intent not to comply with the law. Punishment prescribed by law to act decisively against the owner or operator immediately.

3. The agency responsible for follow-up action lawsuit forests and forest restoration. To restore the original forests in coordination with all relevant agencies. Both the public and community organizations took part in the implementation of such a serious bottom.

4. The authorities who let the neglect. Or is involved in an offense under the above circumstances. Be performed both disciplinary and criminal decisively immediately.

5. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Monitoring the implementation of Article 1-4, and Reports required to maintain the national mind constantly.

from this date

Announced on June 14, BE 2557.
Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha
National Board of Supervisors to keep the peace.

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09 Jul 2014 23:02 #2087 by Bagheera
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Fantastic news, I care not one iota for politics or politicians so this just re-enforces my belief that the military should take over on a more permanent basis. If not as a Government then at least in a role where they assist the DNP and other environmental agencies. No one else seems to be able to achieve anything!!

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