Critically endangered Indochinese tiger, breeding in Thailand

1 year 1 month ago - 9 months 2 weeks ago #4332 by admin
Its always nice to hear some good news for once......... and also to know that a number of this forum's members helped in this


New evidence that the critically endangered Indochinese tiger are still breeding in a Thai forest ......

".....confirmed the existence of the world's second breeding population of the tigers."

".........Thailand finds itself unexpectedly the last stronghold of the Indochinese tiger."

"Today, just 221 Indochinese tigers are estimated to remain in two Asian countries: Thailand and Myanmar."

"In general, only about 8% of tiger sites have a confirmed breeding population"

"Authorities hailed the finding as a critically-timed victory for the future of the Indochinese tiger"

Its a good time to re-highlight the work of Freeland and the great work they do.

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