How highly does Thailand rank?

07 May 2017 07:58 - 07 May 2017 08:01 #4394 by Paul T
How highly does Thailand rank? was created by Paul T
Theres a fascinating desk study of megafauna just been released using IUCN data as its base, which has some very interesting results.

Relative efforts of countries to conserve world’s megafauna

Lindsey, et al

"The world is experiencing a ‘sixth mass extinction’ event due to human impacts on nature. Megafauna species appear to be particularly vulnerable due to their low reproductive rates, large spatial requirements and the pressure being exerted through illegal hunting, human–wildlife conflict and other threats (Ripple et al., 2016a). In light of the inadequacy of current conservation efforts (Ripple et al., 2016b), we conducted an assessment of the contributions of countries of the world to megafauna conservation based on three metrics: distribution and diversity of megafauna, percentage of land area inhabited by large carnivores and herbivores that is strictly protected, and financial investments in conservation at home and abroad. Our aim was to create a floating benchmark that will enable ‘underperformers’ to improve their performance by investing in these metrics, thus raising the bar for global conservation efforts."

..............We present our index to initiate a discussion on measuring international contributions to conservation. Ultimately, we would like to see annual conservation rankings published in the popular media, recognising major-performers, fostering healthy pride and competition among countries and identifying the best ways for governments to improve their performance
[hi-lighted by Paul]."

and the results using this data and methodology .........Thailand is rated 13th out 152 countries and is highest in South East Asia, indeed it is only bettered by Bhutan in the whole of Asia.

I love their idea of creating a table - especially if other animal groups could be measured as well

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07 May 2017 20:14 #4398 by onflipflops
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Wow, good to hear Thailand is ranking so well!
Let's hope however that this will not make them decide to sit back and saying they have done their job. Let's hope Thailand will keep fighting to keep this high position.

But definitely something to be proud of!

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