How much will people pay for wildlife conservation in Thailand?

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A very interesting report conducted by the EEPSEA and distribured through the IDRC.....

There is also a report on private donations.....

It brings to mind something that many people have raised. That being that the DNP may well find that actively seeking public donations may well provide an additional source of income to work on both parks, programmes and public education/outreach. What many people have talked about is something on the lines of.......

Freinds of Thai National Parks

What you would get.......

A membership card
A sticker for the car
Free entrance to National Parks (you fee will more than compensate the DNP)
A quarterly magazine through email (they already produce the magazine)
Access to information, poster, leaflets (to help spread public awareness)

What DNP would get........

Fees - A donation of 10,000 Baht minimum per year

Optional - sponsorship schemes

sponsor a ranger
sponsor a wildlife programme
sponsor construction (park infrastructure such as classrooms or trail markers)

Ability to sell guides, souvenirs, books, tee shirts etc to membership

And if it helps spread the word then they could add in further corporate sponsorship schemes

PLUS - it further fulfills its mandate for raising public awareness and education.

Nice idea I suppose it would depend on a minimum take-up to cover their costs.

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