Please read this before posting here

28 Nov 2013 19:42 - 22 Dec 2013 07:52 #1505 by WT admin
Please read this before posting here was created by WT admin
We were requested to start a new category in the forum for the discussion of Conservation Issues. This forum category is different from the others on the site, as the subject matter is NOT limited to Thailand - it is in respect to GLOBAL CONSERVATION.

Please keep in mind that this category is for conservation, so please keep in mind:

1) Its easier to be negative than it is to be positive. Don't just choose the easy option.

2) Just because someone told you something that does not make it the truth. Especially, In Thailand.

3) Feel free to promote any conservation projects, we welcome it openly. If the project is in Thailand feel free to use the forum to even seek funding. forum members luuuuurve Thailand centric conservation projects and we all want to know more and to offer help if we can.

4) and an appeal ....please try not to make assumptions or comments that put hard working officials, unnecessarily, in a bad light. Keep in mind many civil servants work in very complex bureaucratic systems imposed by public oversight bodies and with very complex political priorities imposed by politicians. We may think things should be easy to sort out overnight but this is, sadly, not the reality the civil service has to deal with (I should know I have been a civil servant for over 20 years ;+) ).

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