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Kaeng Krachan Closures

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4 years 2 months ago - 1 week 4 days ago #2144 by Paul T
Kaeng Krachan Closures was created by Paul T
Just to remind anyone planning a visit to Keang Krachan National Park that the Sam Yot entrance, Panoenthung and Baan Krang sites are closed every year from August 1st till November 1st.

Currently Sam Yot, Panoenthung and Baan Krang are CLOSED

KAENG KRACHAN National Park is now OPEN

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1 week 4 days ago - 1 week 4 days ago #5104 by INFO
Replied by INFO on topic Kaeng Krachan Closures
Yesterday the DNP released, via facebook, initial information regarding the project to resurface the roadway from Baan Krang to Panoenthung (Km 15 to Km 36), the project is due to commence on November 1st 2018 and will last for approx 560 days (1 and a half years) and will replace the current track with a concrete surface.

At this stage there is no other information released. It is not clear yet exactly what specific access will be closed (i.e. during the whole length of the construction or partial)  and for how long. The project has been on the cards for the last two years and, indeed, was supposed to start one year ago - originally.

A machine translation of the release on Facebook is as ......

"The road according to the original traffic skin that has been built, which is the original ramp road since the year. Prof. 2529, which is built in your era, can be purple, gold, Chief National Park, kaeng krachan. The first, the traffic skin that makes the tire ramp has been dislocated due to the road, there is a lot of slope and humidity. The last road repair is used ,, but there is no grinding or secondary with a stone to the surface.
Now, in the past year, there was a storm of, in the province of diamond, and there was a large amount of water flowing down the dam, kaeng krachan, a large number of years ago, causing landslide, blocking several roads, and there was a lot of ground erosion. Range

The action does not cut the new path, does not expand the traffic skin, there are four-metre traffic skin, made with concrete, to reduce the erosion of soil that is a road area and create safety in the traverse in the

The measures of construction control, with a 3-Set Quality Patrol Officer, the control set is not to be committed to the law, and there is an automatic camera installation to the point, and there is a car inspection set up down all cars during the construction range.

For the after-construction measures, there is a control control measures for the same time, and there is a car control. The audience is based on the ability to support the number of tourists, according to the National National Park, wildlife and plant. It will also be adjusted to the service of the According to the law, it is for safety to tourists and wildlife in the area.

The reason to take action is due to the risk of landslide (landslides), causing the road to collapse, not to be able to traverse if not to improve traffic skin.

Kaeng Krachan National Park has asked to close the tourist attraction. He has been in the field since it has been improved since km. At 15 + 00 to km At 36 + 500 make tourists may not take convenience and safety in tourism from November 1, 2561, the number of 560 days until the process is completed. Sorry for the inconvenience."


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