× Over 400 species of birds are known to occur within the Park’s boundaries, and 57 mammals. Larger mammals include elephant, gaur, sambar deer, banteng, serow, and bear, indo-chinese tiger, leopard, both common and Fea’s muntjac. Malayan tapir, white-handed gibbon, dusky and banded langurs, Asian wild dog, otter, and wild boar.

Outskirts of KKC

06 Mar 2016 15:36 - 06 Mar 2016 16:38 #3483 by Geoff Potter
Outskirts of KKC was created by Geoff Potter
Here are a couple of pic’s from my weekend. First is the colouful Bar Backed Partridge and second the common Mouse Deer. What I find interesting about these pictures is the fact they were taken on the very edge of the park in what could only be described as tall scrub with occasional trees, not forest. The hide is probably 100 meters from well worked farm land and 10 minutes from a sealed road.
Even more interesting is the fact that birds formerly thought of as deep forest dwellers such as Blue Pitta and Eared Pitta have also been photographed here, could they be more widespread than previously thought?
Not being a mammal person I cannot comment on the distribution of Mouse Deer but at one point I had four of them in-front of me and, to my knowledge, they do not make that characteristic “honk” alarm call yet I heard this twice, Muntjak too?
Most surprisingly the owner of the blind told me that two Sun Bears had been there looking for water and I have since seen the pictures confirming this. I for one did not think they occurred this close to human habitation but again, I am just a birdwatcher!


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06 Mar 2016 16:37 #3484 by Paul T
Replied by Paul T on topic Outskirts of KKC
Very interesting and very intriguing Geoff. Its a better photo of GraJong than I have ever gotten inside the park. The mammal info is very interesting, the "honk" is normally a sambar sound rather than a muntjac. Cool!

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06 Mar 2016 18:31 #3487 by rushenb
Replied by rushenb on topic Outskirts of KKC
Great shots! :)

Thanks for the info. Gotta try these hides some day!


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06 Mar 2016 20:32 #3491 by onflipflops
Replied by onflipflops on topic Outskirts of KKC
Great shots!
I love the shot of the Lesser Mouse Deer.
I have seen pictures of these before from those birding water holes on the park boundaries. Good to know that these animals are now more likely to survive because these water holes are no longer used to catch birds and wildlife, but instead to photograph all these creatures.

From locals around Kaeng Krachan I have heard that red muntjac occurs in the wilder areas outside the park, so that could be an option.

Also interesting to hear about the Sun Bears. I think I have seen the shot, but despite it being a man-made waterhole, I assumed it was taken somewhere deeper in the park. IF seen so close to the park boundaries, it likely means the population inside the park is doing well. And hopefully that means hunting pressure is getting less.

In Khao Yai I have found bear claw marks on the first lines of trees on the park boundary, basically in people's backyard!
And bears are known to occur in many forested areas outside protected national parks.

And in an older research paper I read about leopards of Kaeng Krachan sometimes visiting areas outside the actual park. Not sure if this still is the case, but I think it is a good sign that all these creatures occur even close to the park boundaries. It means whenever more buffer zones would be created around parks, wildlife would expand territory. There is definitely still hope for Thailand's wildlife, as long as hunting will stop.

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