× Over 400 species of birds are known to occur within the Park’s boundaries, and 57 mammals. Larger mammals include elephant, gaur, sambar deer, banteng, serow, and bear, indo-chinese tiger, leopard, both common and Fea’s muntjac. Malayan tapir, white-handed gibbon, dusky and banded langurs, Asian wild dog, otter, and wild boar.

Access without a car?

18 Feb 2019 16:24 - 04 Mar 2019 14:55 #5187 by wvwv
Access without a car? was created by wvwv
I've wanted to visit this park for a long time but it seems bikes and bicycles aren't allowed. But some people say you are allowed to walk even though the distances are very long. I don't have a car nor do I own a credit card so not able to rent one.  I'm happy to walk if thats the only option but I don't want to turn up and then be turned away. I think there are tours too right? But I wouldn't want a private tour and I'd want to stay a night or two, so a group tour might work if they can pick me up the next day. Anybody know what's the best option? 

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20 Feb 2019 16:56 #5190 by onflipflops
Replied by onflipflops on topic Access without a car?
Local hotels and the park's visitor centre (which is located on the shores of the Kaeng Krachan reservoir) can arrange drivers to bring you to the Ban Krang camp and when you want to go back you can ask the rangers to call a driver to pick you up. I do not know the going rates, but cheaper than a private tour.
I have never heard of group tour options in the area. 
The cheapest guided options can be found at BaanMaka.com. They offer full day 'guided' options with local guides/ drivers that do not speak English, but know the area and can show you around. In that case you are likely to see more than by visiting on your own. Not sure, I think it excludes entrance fees, and meals., but better to ask them about it.

I am not sure if the rangers will allow you to walk in from the main gate. From what I have heard they won't allow you to do so. But especially if you visit in the weekend, you might be able to hitch hike your way in with other visitors, if you find a way to get to the park entrance (which might be complicated). 

Good luck

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31 May 2019 15:05 #5223 by wvwv
Replied by wvwv on topic Access without a car?
I went a couple of weeks back on a motorbike not really expecting to get in.  I was already in Petchaburi so thought I'd see what the options were face to face.

Asked to go in on a motorbike - was refused.  Asked to walk in, was refused because 'dangerous'.  I asked how I could get in without a car and they said go to the visitor centre.  I went there and they said they could take me in and back for 1300 baht (I assume per car not per person, I was alone so not worth it).

I found a car rental place in Bangkok which rents cars without a credit card for your passport and 15000 baht deposit.  1200 a day.  Not so bad for a daytrip but really I'd want to stay a few days and don't want to pay 1200 a day for a car to sit there.

Would be interesting to know what they consider dangerous, elephants?  Because Khao Yai is fine with bicycles and motorbikes.

I'm going to give Huai Kha Kaeng a go next week.

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12 Jun 2019 18:20 #5235 by onflipflops
Replied by onflipflops on topic Access without a car?
Yes generally it's the elephants they use as an excuse.
Every park has its own rules and depending on various factors they decide what's allowed or not.
I agree that it is not really a logical reason, elephants are not a common sight in the main area of Kaeng Krachan (road to Ban Krang etc). Definitely not as common as in Khao Yai. But there is a chance. And there was a case of someone being trampled to death by elephants some years back so that does not help the rules for being changed.
In my opinion a more important reason to reject motorbikes would be, because a lot of them are noisy and, generally people on motorbikes do not drive slow. But I know it is unfair to those without modified exhausts and with proper respect for nature. But I am happy they simply reject all bikes to avoid Kaeng Krachan turning into the next KHao Yai where you an be 5kms deep in the jungle and still hear the sound of motorbikes.
And even though the rules say noisy bikes are not allowed in Khao Yai either, it is only enforced when a biker arrives on its own. Seems like bigger teams are always allowed in. Maybe the officers at the gate feel a bit intimidated and do not dare to reject them, haha.
Of course same could be said of cars, but the percentage of noisy cars versus regular ones is quite small.

Anyway, I think the fees for the drop off service to Ban Krang that you can arrange at the visitor centre is reasonably priced and definitely worth it. It helps the locals around the park to make some money, and I believe that is the best way to keep them 'out of the forest'. With that I mean, keeping them from turning to poaching.
It's already hard enough for them now the road to Panoen Thung has been closed. I am sure this has put a lot of locals into money problems, not able to pay the monthly loans for their vehicles. As much as I feel annoyed when the morning convoys raced by, I still feel sympathy for them in this situation.

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22 Jun 2019 17:32 #5262 by wvwv
Replied by wvwv on topic Access without a car?
Agree the fare is fair. But when travelling solo it's not economical. Better when you're in a group as you can split the cost. It would be good if they could have a once a day scheduled service there and back, for people to share, because at the moment if you are in a party of 1-2 (and don't have a car), a lot of people will be priced out. Especially with there being no shared tours from Hua Hin or Prachuap. Most Thais don't own a car and most are on a wage less than 20,000 a month, for them and for me Kaeng Krachan isn't worth 1300 baht when you can get into Khao Yai for free (the vehicle fee aside). Unless they can organise to travel in a group or know somebody with a car they will probably not ever visit KK when they might otherwise have.

I would have thought they'd have at least one ranger driving in and out daily, so if they're already going...

I was on a scooter by the way, I shouldn't have used the word motorbike.

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