× Over 400 species of birds are known to occur within the Park’s boundaries, and 57 mammals. Larger mammals include elephant, gaur, sambar deer, banteng, serow, and bear, indo-chinese tiger, leopard, both common and Fea’s muntjac. Malayan tapir, white-handed gibbon, dusky and banded langurs, Asian wild dog, otter, and wild boar.

Baan Krang Viewpoint

01 Jul 2019 09:11 - 01 Jul 2019 14:09 #5278 by Paul T
Baan Krang Viewpoint was created by Paul T
Last closed-season an old track was rehabilitated at Baan Grang that gives one quite a unique perspective of the area. A perspective that reinforces just why Baan Krang is blessed biodiversity wise, because it's literally in the middle of the jungle/forest.

This is a trail that you will need permission from the Baan Krang rangers to visit - discuss with them at the visitors centre at Baan Krang. The trailhead is difficult to find and close to the peak the trail will enter an area of the park that is officially closed to public access.

Its a steep trail that leads through secondary growth and even though langur, sambar and muntjac are common (I have seen them here) there is very little in terms of other sign and birds are not plentiful. The area is secondary growth with very little in the way of larger trees (remember that Baan Krang was initially established as a logging camp before Thailand ended the logging concession), somewhat reminiscent of the forest areas to the north of the road from the main entrance (Km2 through Km11). I have never been able to work out why this type of forest has lots of day mosquitos even when dry.

What you do get from the trail is an extraordinary view of the forest, facing east, that surrounds Baan Krang.

Theres a platform at the top and I have been on the end of it but as its bamboo and nearly a year old I would not recommend it ;+)

The trail and view ......

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05 Jul 2019 21:29 #5293 by BKKBen
Replied by BKKBen on topic Baan Krang Viewpoint
Great info, Paul!

To walk this trail, is it as easy as simply asking a ranger to take you? It looks like an interesting trail, despite the apparent lack of wildlife.

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09 Jul 2019 07:56 #5307 by Paul T
Replied by Paul T on topic Baan Krang Viewpoint
In theory. It would depend on them having someone free to take you.

I am nearly always with a ranger when in the park so did not have to test this out.

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