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Kaeng Krachan - General Notes

17 Mar 2015 00:53 #2759 by rushenb
Replied by rushenb on topic Kaeng Krachan - General Notes
Thanks for the details in this topic, I tried to GPS track trails to two different locations.

Khao Patarang Cave - With one of rangers I managed to get to twin caves nearly 3.5km south from Ban Krang. The first cave was relative easy to get to, but to get to the second cave we did quite a climbing on sharp rocks, almost vertically up. With bag on my back and camera + 300 mm lens hanging on my side and no safety equipment, it was a bit scary.

Than Thip Waterfall - Same ranger promised to take me there, but despite two arrangements, he was too busy (understandable). So we didn't make it. However he showed me on map the trail, so me and onflipflops tried to find the waterfall on our own. The trail was pretty clear and easy to follow for 600-700m but it faded out and we guessed where it headed, we found a stream quite steep down which we believe was a tribute to Phetchaburi river, walked up- and down-stream on three directions (with one confluence towards two direction up-stream), no luck, we couldn't find the waterfall. The way may have been further down-stream, but at one point the water was flowing too steep down, it was very difficult to get around from both side so we gave up. I will do another try maybe about a month, maybe much later.

I also tried to get info about Mae Salaeng waterfall with my rubbish Thai skills, all I understood was that it is "impossible", probably old trails gone.

In Patarang Caves I saw bats which a tourist identified as a horseshoe bat specie. Would anyone know what specie it is?

Also saw a Jackal just few hundred meters before the trails start to caves, possibly the same jackal farting around Ban Krang;

Ps.. Anyone know where Wiman cave is? I read somewhere it is big and impressive. Perhaps something to ask next time I get there... Any other locations you suggest to get details about?



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17 Mar 2015 01:02 #2760 by rushenb
Replied by rushenb on topic Kaeng Krachan - General Notes
ps.. Tan (or Tarn) Thip waterfall is not where it is shown in this old map;


The trail actually start just couple of hundred meters down from Phanoen Thung campsite and goes pretty much west... I don't recommend walking the trail even if I manage to get to the waterfall, it is too hard. The area further down may however be interesting from a wildlife-watching perspective for professionals seeking a bit more "quite" location far from traffic and a place wet all year round..

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17 Mar 2015 08:21 #2762 by Paul T
Replied by Paul T on topic Kaeng Krachan - General Notes
Great info Rushen!

I tried for Mae Salaeng two years ago and failed. To be truthful I did not get more than 500 meters past the pump head when we totally lost the trail. I asked about it a few weeks ago again and got the answer that the trail had not been maintained and was not passable. I never know if they are telling me the truth or just trying to avoid the walk - inspires me to find out :+)

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17 Mar 2015 08:54 #2764 by onflipflops
Replied by onflipflops on topic Kaeng Krachan - General Notes
At least good to know where the trail is actually supposed to start to that Mae Salaeng waterfall.
I did an attempt to walk that trail last year not knowing about the pump nor that it would possibly lead to a waterfall, and 'discovered' the pump and the oily mess they left around it :(
Not exactly a pretty sight to walk by.
From there it was indeed not very clear which way to go.
Will give it a try again next time.

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