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Ranger killed in gaur attack

18 Sep 2021 19:13 #5673 by INFO
Ranger killed in gaur attack was created by INFO
"A forest ranger was killed and another one injured in an attack by a wild gaur while they were patrolling in Khao Yai National Park on Friday.When the patrol arrived at Khao Samer Poon in Prachin Buri on Friday afternoon, a gaur standing behind a rock suddenly ran towards Nakorn Sriruang, head of the patrol, and then charged Samruay Neeplee, said Adisak Phusitwongsanuyut, chief of Khao Yai National Park."

Full story at www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/218...r-attack-in-khao-yai

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22 Sep 2021 11:53 #5676 by wvwv
Replied by wvwv on topic Ranger killed in gaur attack
I guess they startled it and it felt threatened or cornered.  I know they are huge animals but surprised you would die from one charging you.  I would expect fractures and bruising.  Article states he lost consciousness due to blood loss from his leg, so perhaps they behave in a similar way to bulls - use their horns to toss you into the air and to gore you whilst on the ground.  Footage is hard to find of gaur attacks, perhaps testament to the rarity of such incidents.

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23 Sep 2021 13:49 #5677 by Paul T
Replied by Paul T on topic Ranger killed in gaur attack
They definitely use their horns, this picture below (KKNP) shows the puncture marks in a male gaur after a fight with another gaur. The gaur in the picture died 3 days later. My own experience with accidentally running into gaur in the forest is they have always given me a warning by snorting when I got close. 

It must have been a terrifying ordeal fro the poor rangers. Whether he was just charged or gored as well I have not heard.

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