× The park is the third largest in Thailand. It covers an area of 300 square kilometers, including tropical seasonal forests and grasslands. Its altitude mostly ranges from 400–1,000 m above sea level. There are 3,000 species of plants, 320 species of birds, and 67 species of mammals, recording in this, Thailand's most famous National Park.

Khao Yai - Eastern Prachinburi

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This thread is to start off exploring a part of Khao Yai National Park that is not so often visited - Eastern Prachinburi. I hade not really been aware of much in the area but the following map Map of Eastern Khao Yai located at the Ranger Station 7 peaked my interests. So this thread is about exploring the area both from the internet and on the ground.


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Here are some excerpts from other internet sources on the tracks and trails in this area of Khao Yai National Park.....

From iguide.travel/Prachinburi_(province)/Act...teresting_Activities

"Khao Samo Pun Route
Located in Amphoe Mueang and Amphoe Prachantakham, a total distance of 30 kilometres, which takes about 3 - 4 days. Tourists can choose many starting and finishing points such as Khao Yai National Park Safeguard Unit 12 (Noen Hom), Unit 11, (Khlong Pheka), or Unit 10 (Prachantakham) or use the route to Khao Khiao. Major tourist attractions include Thung Na Pha, Thung Phrommachan, Lan Suriyan, Thung Hin Pratu Mueang, field of ferns, field of wild flowers, as well as waterfalls such as Namtok Hin Tat, Namtok Bang-oen, and Namtok Heo I Am along the route.

Namtok Som Poi -Tat Hin Yao - Thung Ngu Lueam Route
Starting from Namtok Som Poi, Tambon Bu Fai, Amphoe Prachantakham, to Namtok Sai Khu, Namtok Kaeng Kritsana, Tat Hin Yao, Thung Na Prang, and Thung Ngu Lueam, a total distance of 10 kilometres, which takes 2 - 3 days for a round trip. If choosing to go via Thung Hin Lek Fai to Namtok Heo I Am, the distance will be 15 kilometres, with a duration of 3 days.

Namtok Takhro - Namtok Heo Chakkachan Route
A short route starting from Khao Yai National Park Safeguard Unit 10 (Prachantakham) to Namtok Takhro, and across the suspension bridge to Namtok Salat Dai. The route ends at Heo Chakkachan Waterfall, a total distance of 6 kilometres, with a duration of 2 days and 1 night.

Khao Yai National Park Safeguard Unit 10 Route (Prachantakham - Namtok Fong Sabu)
The route starts from Khao Yai National Park Safeguard Unit 10 and walk uphill, via Khlong Takhian Phrong, to Namtok Fong Sabu. On the return trip, stop by to visit Namtok Heo Ta Khon Dam, a total distance of 12 kilometres, with a duration of 2 days.

Namtok Takhro - Namtok Wang Heo - Sai Yai Route
Start from Khao Yai National Park Safeguard Unit 10 and head northeast to the beautiful Namtok Wang Heo. Stop by to visit the dinosaur footprints. On the returning route, pass Kaeng Hin Poeng at Khao Yai National Park Safeguard Unit 9 (Sai Yai), Amphoe Na Di , Prachin Buri. The total distance is about 25 kilometres, with a duration of 3 - 4 days. For further details, please contact Khao Yai National Park Safeguard Unit 10, Amphoe Prachantakham, Prachin Buri."

From AVIS website......

Namtok Takhro and Namtok Salatdai

Both waterfalls are located in Ban Takhro, Tambon Bu Fai . Takhro Waterfall is wide with suspension bridge, with the hills on the left, while on the right is the forest which is suitable for relaxation. From Takhro Waterfall, there is a walkway along the stream for another 2 kilometres to Salad Dai Waterfall. On the way, there are many areas for swimming. To go to Salat Dai Waterfall, tourists should contact the escort officer at 10th Ranger Unit of Khao Yai National Park at Takhro Waterfall. From Prachin Buri town, use Highway No.3452 (to Prachantakham) for 16 kilometres, turn right to Highway No.33 to Prachantakham Intersection, and turn left into an access road. Or from Noen Hom Intersection, turn right to Highway No.33 to See Yaek Prachantakham, and turn left to the access road ford for 16 kilometres, and walk for about 500 metres more to Takhro Waterfall.

Namtok Than Thip

This waterfall is in Ban Noen Hin Tang, Tambon Nong Kaeo. The stream runs pass different levels of rocks whereby some areas are suitable for swimming. The surrounding forests are naturally fascinating. Travel to the waterfall by using the same route to Takhro Waterfall, and turning left at 9th kilometre, for about 9 kilometres.

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The first area that I can share details of after an exploration are ....

This is trail is on the south eastern limits of Khao Yai National Park and is interested because for all the example of deforestation and encroachment you will see around the country this is an area of active reclamation by the DNP and replanting of forests. The trails are easy going with not much elevation and some are based on old laterite roads. The culmination of this trail is an open grass field that has signs of gaur present or visiting. This particular route was just over 9 kilometers but if you look closely on the ariel photo you will see the area is made up of a number of tracks so you can easily shorten or lengthen the walks as you may desire. The tracks are clear and easily navigable as well as not very taxing physically. The forest is secondary and looks to have been under re-establishment for about 10 years or so.

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