× A public forum for people who wish to find guides or travel buddies, in the areas of wildlife, national parks, birding, herping, etc. This forum "Find a Guide/Buddy?" has been created to allow those looking for guides or liked minded trip buddies to request information on a "person to person" and "person to company" basis.

Please read this first!

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Please read this first! was created by WT admin
This area of the forum has been created in response to the increasing number of posts and emails we receive regarding guiding services and travel tips. WildlifeThailand.com provides no such services but we are aware that a number of our forum members do. We are also aware that finding animals on trips to the forest can be very difficult and a guide can help ensure you have a much more successful forest experience. Also teaming up for joint trips with liked minded fellow visitors to a national park can be very enjoyable.

Therefore, this area of the forum is intended for:

a) Buddy Trips - i.e. those wanting to attempt to find others to buddy up with on their National Park trips.
b) Finding Guides - for those who are not experienced with Thailand or its forests and want to find guiding services OR those wishing to find Specialised Guiding Services (i.e. birding, helping, mammals, etc)

But before you post please be aware:

a) WildlifeThailand.com does not allow any discussion whatsoever, of costs or money on this forum. WildlifeThailand.com is a community forum, its aims and its future are all non-commercial. If you wish to discuss finances with anyone, then do it directly by email with them.
b) If you are making arrangements to purchase guiding services from a company, please ensure they are bona fide and registered with the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
c) For guides you may also wish to check our "Thailand Website Links" for other sites of potential information at www.wildlifethailand.com/galleries/links - pls note WildifeThailand.com does not vouch for any of the links, sites, services or individuals listed.

Enjoy your trip.

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