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Guide contacts needed

1 year 2 months ago - 7 months 2 weeks ago #4364 by michi777
our [last] thailand trip was amazing and the time in the Kaeng Krachan Nationalpark too.
We made the Tortip Hike alone and it was really amazing track, nature and destination at the waterfall area.
Here i have some pictures i made for you: www.dropbox.com/sh/h796ah3dm4lcj0p/AAAyo...n4I-KaHE_M7_oLa?dl=0

This year i would like to get deeper\longer into the rainforests and as there are no much big tracks left, will be a "machete-hike" with a guiding person with sleeping into the forest needed.
The preffered area for that is Kaeng Krachan, Ko Surin or Khao Sok Nationalpark..
...i also read about to hike along the Petchaburi river some days - easier to walk without machete and don't get lost so easy.
...or hike up the Khao Luang mountain - do u have gpx track may for that?

Do you have a guidecontact or gpx tracks to have some amazing hikes\days in that area?

Thanks a lot!


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1 year 2 months ago #4365 by onflipflops
Replied by onflipflops on topic Guide contacts needed
Nice images.
Did you sleep in the hammock ;-) ?

I have no long GPX tracks.
You could ask the park rangers in Kaeng Krachan to do an overnight trip with you. If they have time, who knows they might agree. No idea what the costs would be. There are more tracks then shown on the regular maps. But all would require a ranger (more likely 2) to go with you.

I am not familiar with Koh Surin. And Khao Sok I have only walked the regular trails.

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1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #4366 by Paul T
Replied by Paul T on topic Guide contacts needed
Over the top of Khao Luang (Nakhon Si Thammarat) has long been on my bucket list - its 3 days 2 nights with the chance of seeing some spectacular (to me anyway) flora.

Robbie has some info on the park itself here..... wildlifethailand.com/kunena/23-national-...ks-of-the-south#3922

You can arrange guides through the Ban Khiri Wong Eco-tourism Club (sorry don't know how to contact but park office can put you in contact 075354839).

If you do it - do come back and tell us how it went - I have always wanted to do this one.

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1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #4367 by michi777
Replied by michi777 on topic Guide contacts needed

Thanks for your answers.
i got more detailed now im possible routes for the next thailand trip.
I think the favourited tour we will do is the 4 days Petchaburi Kaeng Krachan Hike.

Tour 1 "Khao Sok":
99 Street (6,5km) - harder track (2km) - Ton TeuyRaft Camp (2km)
NamTaluCave (3,5km) - walk trough the cave end exit on the other end and let's see.

Tour 2 "Kaeng Krachan"
BanPongLuek (Street end on Phetchaburi river - 3 days along the river till Thor Tip waterfall - hiking till Camp2 (already done) - with rangerjeep back to civilization the street along
...Guidecontact needed

Tour 3 "Khao Luang"
The highest mountain of south thailand - in a 3 days hike possible.
...found a great tour desctiption phuketastic.com/2014/02/dschungeltour-au...-luang-nationalpark/
...and guide contact who did this mountain tour very often www.facebook.com/tarzan.boyd

Tour 4 "Ko Surin"
I've done the marked trail already and it was great, but short.
So for more experience need a guide with machete to hike 2 days to may the highest top of the island, sleep there and back.
...Guidecontact needed (may our friend ranger of Ko Surin Nat)

I will post my request also in the "trekking buddy needed area here".
But to get an answer from a nationalpark office is hard and the rangers saw seemed not motivated to do something.
Maybe when somebody of you is next time in that area or contact with some ranger - could ask for a guidecontact for my case (will be beginn of january).

Thanks that u like that pictures, i just stayed in hammok till it got dark - but next trip we will sleep with a 360C Mosquito protection overnights there yeah.


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1 year 2 months ago #4368 by Bjarnie
Replied by Bjarnie on topic Guide contacts needed
Hi Michi,

you said it already – a guide contact is needed.
For the hiking along the Petchaburi you have to ask at the HQ if Ranger can go with you.

You need minimum 2 Ranger with food, water, first aid, tent and other equipment.
If it seems that ranger are not motivated, consider that it is not their main-job to go with western tourists for a camping.
The ranger must be free for a tour like this. So there is no guarantee that you can do the hike.
If you don’t get rangers for the hike, you can’t go.

Don’t think about going alone!
There are reasons why it is forbidden. It is danger. You risk your life.
The forests in Thailand are much harder than in Europe. It is not like in Europe where you go some kilometre and reach a street to go back to civilization.
Walking along a river is also not so easy like it sounds.
Some animals can be very danger in the forest. You never know that they are there because they make no noise. If you meet an elephant, a bear or a leopard you have a problem…

It is helpful to be on site in Thailand to do a good planning for a tour like this. Google-Maps can’thelp you always.
The way to BanPongLuek is not a “Street”. It is an unsealed road where you need a 4WD. If you don’t have your own 4WD you should make an arrangement with the ranger at the HQ to bring you there. With a rental car you can’t go. No Company allows you to go offroad with their cars.

And please think again about your "machete-hike". Nobody in or around Kaeng Krachan would be happy about a forest-redesign by machete. If everybody who can’t catch a ranger do this, we lose KK and any other NP quick.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Paul T

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1 year 2 months ago #4369 by michi777
Replied by michi777 on topic Guide contacts needed

like i read and spoke with people who did more day hikes in the forest they say "Animals mostly avoid you before u can see them and from humans u need to be more afraid" - but yeah the chance is less but tiger\bear\elephants already killed people and from that animals i would be afraid after it get's dark and i hang in my hammok - so yeah these offtrack tours i'll just do with a guide and i contact some mountaineers from the south and wait for their reply.
They do weekly such hikes and located near the Khao Luang mountain - www.facebook.com/TarzanAdventure/

Yeah my friend in Bangkok have a 4x4 vehicle and brought us already up to camp 2 of KK.
Do you think on that river route is already danger from humans\smugglers\patrol because near border?
...or is this to offroad\steep that humans use that routes?

Machete hiking just meaned if the big animals routes end and not possible to continue - so just cut something who cancels the forward coming.
...i thought thats common for the guide, but if not needed fine.


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