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Jungle/rainforest boots/shoes

01 Dec 2014 12:10 - 01 Dec 2014 12:12 #2535 by Paul T
Replied by Paul T on topic Jungle/rainforest boots/shoes
The new "chinese" ones look interesting. I have to admit that the new Alpha's are heavier than the last model. After a long day my legs are tired, but I wear them everyday in the field now.

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18 Dec 2014 09:02 #2594 by angiud
Replied by angiud on topic Jungle/rainforest boots/shoes
I tried the 'Chinese' boots on a trail along a stream at Wiang Kosai National Park (Phare). They are ok for the price. Not the best grip, the plantar/insole is flat and not so much confortable. They are more 'water resistent' than waterproof, but anyway a good deal for the bucks....

What about these?:


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18 Dec 2014 13:00 #2595 by onflipflops
Replied by onflipflops on topic Jungle/rainforest boots/shoes
The crocs-like shoe looks similar to what I am using (mentioned earlier in this thread).
The advantage of the Adda's that I am using is that it has a more distinct heel which helps with grip. So far this is the only brand I have found that has this heel.
If it is a wise decision to wear these type of shoes is a different question.
For example, if you are in areas with a healthy Malayan Pit Viper population, it would maybe be better to wear a proper high shoe. I hav a pair of high rubber boots that I sometimes wear on night walks in areas where I expect to encounter dangerous ground-dwelling snakes.
Also walking in some places with lots of bamboo or other vegetation with large spines, you will notice you get these spines in the rubber shoe and going all the way through into your food.
Not sure if the sample you showed has this problem, because it seems a bit like the sole is a different material. Maybe good to keep the spines out, but I like the soft rubber sole of mine which offers more grip because it forms around the uneven floor you're walking on.
I always wear leechsocks in these shoes; wearing them on barefeet i snot pleasant because sand and other particles might enter the shoe while walking. With a sock this is not a major problem.

As Bagheera mentioned in this post, regarding the rangers getting around easily on 50 baht footwear, I believe that it is rarely about the shoe.
It is a lot about balance and choosing where to place your feet while walking. I often hike with other people that always seem to choose the wrong spots to place their feet. Even when wearing good quality hiking boots with a grippy soles, you will slip when you place your foot on a muddy sloping part.
The rangers have lots of experience hiking and maybe even unconsciously place their feet on the right spots. And then it does not matter if you wear a 50 baht flipflop or a 300 dollar hiking boot.

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