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01 Nov 2015 14:51 #3215 by bootly66
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I'm still stuck for choice...The Tamron 150-600 or Nikon 300 f4 AFS + 1.4 TC...............

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01 Nov 2015 16:34 - 02 Nov 2015 09:11 #3216 by Paul T
Replied by Paul T on topic Lens Choices
Looks great! The advantage of the "big glass" nikons and canons is in many respects limited to their usability issues. They are incredibly sharp - and this has an advantage when you are at the extremities i.e. cropping and high ISO.

This is how "big glass" users make their pictures look better than they are. The quality in the base file really comes into play in cropping, and the image keeps a quality that fools viewers into not realizing the crop is "extreme".

Such "big glass" would "struggle" to better NNs crop shot by a significant margin, unless very good technique was used - that's a downside of "big glass" in that technique needs too be exceptional to achieve exceptional results.

I have a 600 (f4) prime and a 500 (f4.5) prime - both difficult to use, esp. the 600. But when everything falls right and the stars are aligned, and you are looking at 100% - WOW!

It took me years to buy into the 600 prime (for a deal to come up as well) - its exceptional BUT its also unusable in the majority of situations I find myself. That's a thing that the big primes force on you - they dictate what you do rather than allow you to do what you want. Without a very sturdy tripod or a car support they are pretty "useless". Mine is not the latest model and additionally weighs a proverbial ton. Even carrying on the shoulder with the tripod attached for even small distances in not really achievable for me, after 100 meters I am in pain.

My best all rounder to date is the 80-400. I have never used the 150-600 but NN's crop, speaks for itself! Excellent.

BUT if its birds - my best all rounder is ......................... 600 prime plus car door or my huge tripod :+) BUT I am not a birder and have very little experience birding so don't assume I know what I am talking about ;+)

As Kaeng Krachan is opening next week and I will be in KK for most weekends (I just love the place) - any forum member is welcome to have a try with the 600 f4 if I am in Baan Kraang. I also have 1.4 II and 1.4 III, and 2.0 III But not impressed with them on the 600 (am about to get a Reikan to check them). I also have the 300 (f4) but its out of action at the moment as I think I have upset the focus somehow - its going in for service as soon as I get time.
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01 Nov 2015 18:45 #3217 by bootly66
Replied by bootly66 on topic Lens Choices
555 I shall look out for you..........

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