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Problem solved.

22 Mar 2016 13:11 - 22 Mar 2016 13:23 #3569 by Robby L
Problem solved. was created by Robby L
In the past I have had a problem with running out of camera battery charge on multi day trips where there is no mains power.
Got that sorted now with the arrival of a charger that goes in the cig lighter socket in the V-hikle.

It also works on the little solar panel we have.

Gave it a test and a camera battery charges just fine with the panel sitting out in the sun.

There were chargers available in BKK for almost every camera battery except the one I use so I had to go to Amazon to get what I wanted. What with delivery and customs charges it cost me 5 times the cost of the charger to get it here but now I dont have to worry about trying to conserve battery life for I have a spare battery and can charge anywhere.

RIP 2018 - Robby will always be remembered for his sharing of his trips and knowledge. Missed by all.
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23 Mar 2016 12:14 #3576 by WT admin
Replied by WT admin on topic Problem solved.
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