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22 Nov 2016 17:10 #4069 by Robby L
Camera noise was created by Robby L
Last time i was in KKC there were 4 gents sitting on chairs on the roadside near the 18km parking area they all had cameras with long lenses pointed at something and remote triggers in hand, so I wandered up behind to see what the attraction was.

Their gear was focused on a Silver-breasted Broadbill nest and as I arrived behind them one of the nest occupants flew to a perch on my left, I took a couple of photos just to prove I had seen it then it flew to the nest and 4 cameras started clattering, must have been set on continuous, sounded like a train coming.

On my little bridge cameras I have all the noises and lights turned off and was wondering DSLR cameras have a mute function ?

If not the shutter noise must be a problem particularly with shy mammals in a quiet forest.

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22 Nov 2016 17:41 #4072 by Paul T
Replied by Paul T on topic Camera noise
Its is a problem!! I think some of the Canon's have a silent mode but I am not aware of it on any of my Nikons, except for in "live view" (focusing using the back screen rather than through the viewfinder - which I cannot get along with.

You are right - it is a pain.

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22 Nov 2016 21:11 - 22 Nov 2016 21:13 #4073 by onflipflops
Replied by onflipflops on topic Camera noise
Some Nikons have silent mode, like e.g. the D810 (which is a relatively quiet camera even in normal settings).
But yes, any camera with a mirror is relatively noisy.
I guess the mirrorless camera's are interesting for hide-photography. I think Sony has mirrorless fullframe camera's right?

However, the bridge cameras are very small with the possibility (in quite a few models) of extreme zoom exceeding those huge 600mm lenses those bird photographers are using. So a far more portable and affordable package. However there is one major downside and that is the image quality which has largely to do with the small sensor.
So the question is which quality the user wishes, and how much weight he/ she wants to carry ;-)

Surely the km18 Silver-breasted Broadbills were soon used to the human presence, but surely in a more remote location it makes a difference. Try shooting a flycatcher that comes to drink/ bath at a little waterhole. Their reaction speed is amazing. With shutterspeeds usually under 1/250th of a second in the forest, they manage to react within that short period the shutter opens and closes. I wished I had such fast reaction speed...

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23 Nov 2016 09:10 - 26 Nov 2016 17:32 #4076 by Robby L
Replied by Robby L on topic Camera noise
I go with my Canon bridge cameras for 2 reasons the first is weight they are a fraction of the weight of a DSLR camera on its own without a lens. It also means I can get away with a light tripod keeping the overall weight down even farther. As I walk most of the time and the years keep going past to quickly weight is an issue.

The second is cost 15,000 B for my SX 60 HS against at least 10 times that for a DSLR and even a cheap long lens like the Tamron 150x500. I sometimes get into rough out of the way places and I have trashed one camera already so something that will do the job and costs not much to replace is good for me for the less I have to spend on gear the more I have for travel

Yes quality is not up to the standard of DSLR particularly in poor light or at high zoom (long range) but that isnt a great problem for me as I am not after high quality as such although the higher quality a photo is the better. As long as I can get reasonable identifiable photos I am happy.

As well as the 60 I also have a 50 which is now out of production, I use it in hides or other close range stuff as it has a higher ISO range which means I can get photos in very poor light and particularly when I dont need a lot of zoom.

And yes I can turn off the noise except that of the motor which is quiet.

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