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16 Jun 2017 22:12 #4432 by onflipflops
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Also nice to see the pups of the Dholes. From my experience it is especially around the season, June - August that the pups are seen more often. Also it means the pack is quite large and there fore has a bigger appetite. It seems they make kills more often. I have seen them when the pack reached 20+ animals and they killed an adult Sambar, finished it and 2 days after that kill was made, the next adult Sambar was killed.

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12 Jul 2017 20:16 #4487 by Robby L
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Went to Thap Lan for a few days but got chased home by the rain today, arrived there on Sunday and after having a look at the HQ area and being given a map I went and had a look at this pace :

Which is 13Km up a road into the park, There is a ranger station a hundred or so m down the road :

Nobody about, probably all up at the cliff making sure none of the mob up there fell off so I went straight through on to a rough road up into the forest. About a KM up I came to a salt lick with lots of deer footprints and a handy tree so I attached the trail cam. Stayed up the road overnight and next morning when I went to pick it up elephants had been there and the trail cam had been altered somewhat but was still there.

I had set it on video and when I got home and stuck the card in the computer I had 4 shots of 2 females with young. Havent been able t work out how to get the videos on here but took 3 pix of one 20 second shot, very poor quality but can see what they are:

Will write something up on Thap Lan in a few days.

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