Nikon D850 and video

14 Aug 2017 08:53 #4544 by Paul T
Nikon D850 and video was created by Paul T
Well I though I would not be buying anymore Nikon camera bodies for quite a long time as I am still seriously contemplating concentrating on video after November. Indeed I was getting very jealous of Canon system owners as their lens "e" mount is supported by lots of "3rd parties" and Nikons mount not so, so with the canon system lens you can simply but a 3rd party "video" body and be up and running without much financial risk (60k baht say). Financial risk was becoming a major factor for me as my video experiment may fail (its hard enough to get photos never mind video which takes a lot of setting up of the camera) and I did not want to have to spend a lot of money to attempt what will be an experiment essentially.

The major fly in my overall setup ointment was I am a Nikon shooter and a lot of my newer and more expensive lens purchases do not have manual aperture controls so its a pain to attempt to marry them up with other manufacturers bodies - manufacturers who are pushing the envelope for video in small dslr like bodies (i.e. Panasonic for frame rates and codecs and Sony for ISO and FF vdo).

But now the leaked specs of the D850 are quoting non-cropped 4K in FF, in camera time lapse, D5 autofocus and all in a manageable sized body I am wondering if this camera might not be the answer to many of my issues on my route forward.

I have been worrying about Nikon's lack of real attempts to embrace video - but I am quite excited what the full announcement of the specs will be this week. This could be quite the all rounder and very capable in many areas.

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