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Clown fish of '02

15 May 2014 08:27 - 15 May 2014 16:11 #1986 by WT admin
Clown fish of '02 was created by WT admin
A blast from the past. Most of my diving was (I have not been in the water for a few years now) in Indonesia but I just bought a new hard disk for my pics and videos and when transferring the files over, lurking away in old directory were some old Thailand pics from the Similans and Hin Plueng from 2002. They were old 4000 dpi scans from slides - amazing when you think back then no one wanted digital because it could not match film. When I look at the files at 100% I see how much better quality we are now getting compared to the "old" days. I am planning to return to diving soon - when I retire - I am going to pick one small relatively "unknown" area and photograph its inhabitants extensively for posterity.


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15 May 2014 16:49 #1990 by onflipflops
Replied by onflipflops on topic Clown fish of '02
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15 May 2014 17:06 #1991 by Paul T
Replied by Paul T on topic Clown fish of '02
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