Marine National Parks visitors to be capped

29 Mar 2015 07:55 #2788 by Paul T
I think this is excellent news in that action is at last being taken to assist the underwater degradation .........

"Visitor numbers will be capped at marine national parks across the country from next year in a bid to ease environmental destruction. Natural Resources and Environment Minister Dapong Rattanasuwan said... tourism industry growth had made it difficult to control the number of visitors to national marine parks, which has had severe consequences... Dapong said it was important to "balance" the management of natural resources between the tourism industry and conservation.

Read the full article at Post Publishing PCL.

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30 Mar 2015 09:37 - 30 Mar 2015 11:32 #2789 by onflipflops
Replied by onflipflops on topic Marine National Parks visitors to be capped
Indeed a good step, but I understand it is in a way a difficult step as people's livelihoods depend on this. On the other hand not too difficult, because if all gets destroyed, everybody will loose their job.
The marine parks and their coral reefs are especially vulnerable. And I wonder if not only the numbers should be capped, but for some areas also rules set up only allowing a certain level of scuba diving experience, e.g. a PADI license.
I've heard from several scuba divers that they have seen quite a lot first-time divers at e.g. the Similan islands that simply can not control their moves and are much more likely to accidentally step on/ touch the coral. It's the question if a first-time diver really needs to go to these biodiversity hotspots. They would probably be equally impressed by areas that are not amongst the best in the world. And maybe cause less damage in certain areas.
I base this purely on the observation of others, I don't scuba dive...
Then again, I have seen diving operators write that it is all the fault of the (illegal?) fishing boats.
It's likely to be a bit of both.

Right now, I'm at Koh Samet (Khao Laem Ya - Koh Samet national park). Not sure if the diving at the coral sites here is a problem, but the tourism on the island certainly is. (Yes, I understand it is now also partly my fault for going there...)
I'm thinking of making a photojournal about it, making pictures like you usually see where everything seems perfect, and next to these images show the same location but this time without trying to get all the rubbish out of the picture.
It's quite a mess! It's a shame that, the money is not utilized for a decent system to get the rubbish of the island.(A local restaurant manager told us that the rates for having a resort on the island increased recently; from 800.000 baht/ year to 1 million baht/ year).

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