Site changes April 2016

16 Apr 2016 08:09 - 16 Apr 2016 11:22 #3686 by WT admin
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Site design changes

We have made a few changes to the site over the past few days, which include:

a) redesign of front page - this has been done to highlight forum posts and activities and move the site away from the "article" style front page and use the front page to highlight more of the site's members and community inputs.

b) removal of the ThailandWildlife logo from the site - this is the last part of our transition away from the relationship that started the site and giving "wildlifethailand" its own unique identity and purpose. The site is also transitioning to being controlled by a "committee" to further strengthen the community principles.

c) we have reinstated the old forum template - this is a temporary measure until we can get the previous template to play properly with PHP7.

d) we have added two new forums ... Phu Khieo and Huai Kha Khaeng ... to the wildlife sanctuaries category - this is to help members find information more quickly, within the forums, for these two areas.

Upgrade to PHP 7

At the moment (April 15 2016) we are upgrading the site to operate on PHP 7 - this should make the site load much much faster.

Whilst we are upgrading you may find minor issues, limited to the forum area, and functionality may not be100%. This will all be resolved this week and as soon as we are finished we will let you know. In the meantime just use the forum as normal, but if it won't do something that you are used to it doing - you know the reason.

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