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28 Oct 2021 08:34 - 28 Oct 2021 11:41 #5693 by WT admin
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In order to try and add some vitality to the forum, as Facebook really seems to be the death knell for many forums out there we are introducing "adopt a forum".

Simply put anyone, person or business can take over a forum category and we will rename it accordingly. So say for example you have a passion for insects say, you can take over "Insects and Spiders" forum category and we will rename the forum to " Fred Blogs Insects and Spiders" or "Fred's Insect forum" or whatever you want, within reason. Similary if you have a website called "Insect Galleries of Thailand", or whatever, you can use the forum as an extension of that and call the forum category " "Insect Galleries in Thailand Forum" or something akin. If a forum category does not exist we will also consider making a new one for you. In return you will become the moderator of your forum category and be expected to post a few times a month, you also get a sticky introducing yourself/your website if you wish). Up to you.

This applies to all the forums (except the national park ones). Why not just use Facebook you might say? Without a doubt Facebook has won the war and killed off many forums but your posts and info you share on Facebook have a realistic shelf life of one or two days then its lost in the morass and google will not help people find your stuff. We still believe specialist subject forums have a place in adding to the information that internet users can search for and gain knowledge from, on the internet.

Similarly we are dropping our draconian stance on NO advertising in the forums. We will now allow advertising and linking so long as its relevant to the subject matter (Thailand's wildlife and national parks). The website itself will still remain 100% non-commercial but forum members can post adverts, etc for services, products, websites, trips, whatever as long as they are Thailand related. 

Interested? Just send us message via



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